Irish Penal Reform Trust


IPRT is an advocacy organisation.

Advocacy means speaking up on behalf of people who may not have a voice themselves. IPRT speaks up for everyone in the penal system, with particular emphasis on promoting prisoners’ access to basic human rights.

Our advocacy is based on research and evidence-led policies. We work hard to make sure that those who are making policy-decisions are aware of and informed by our research. We focus on the key areas of:

  • human rights in prison (prison conditions)
  • imprisonment as a last resort (reducing imprisonment)
  • youth justice (early intervention, prevention, diversion)
  • combating social injustice (building better and safer communities)

Your involvement in our advocacy work can greatly help us to convince policy decision-makers that penal reform has wider support. To get involved in our campaigns and advocacy for progressive reform, please contact

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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