Irish Penal Reform Trust

Key Issues

Penal Policy

IPRT advocates for a national penal policy that is just and humane, promotes effective non-custodial responses to crime and uses prison as a last resort.


Information on monitoring and inspection of places of detention, prisoners’ complaints and investigation of deaths in prison custody.


We believe that greater transparency in sentencing can be achieved as well as better coordination between sentencing authorities and other agencies on the penal system.

Women In Detention

IPRT is committed to working towards major policy change in relation to imprisonment of women in Ireland, with a central focus on the provision of alternatives to detention.

Youth Justice

Central to our work was ending the practice of detaining children in adult prisons. IPRT continues to work towards progressive change in youth justice policies and practice.

Migrants & Ethnic Minorities

The disproportionate representation of migrants and ethnic minorities in criminal justice systems across the globe is well documented. There has been limited research on the issue in Ireland.

Children Of Prisoners

IPRT works towards the recognition and support of the rights and needs of children and families affected by imprisonment.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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