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Youth Justice: 18-24s

Young adults are more responsive to rehabilitative measures than older adults – but the wrong interventions can limit opportunities and deepen offending behaviour. Alternative sentencing and policy approaches are needed to reduce the offending rate among young adults.

Prison recidivism 2015 cohort

25th June 2021

New figures published by the CSO find that almost 62% of people released from prison in 2015 re-offended within three years. In response, the IPRT is calling for the Government to introduce a statutory obligation on agencies co-operate around prisoner release.

Youth Justice Strategy marks an opportunity to transform the lives and futures of children facing multiple disadvantages – IPRT

15th April 2021

IPRT welcomes many of the evidence-led plans set out in the new Youth Justice Strategy, however, concern remains over certain proposals.

Young Adults on Remand: A scoping study for T2A

1st February 2021

The briefing examines to what extent the specific developmental needs of young adults are taken into account by courts when making decisions about whether to remand defendants into custody.

High rates of reoffending following imprisonment for less serious crime demands alternative response – IPRT

5th August 2020

MEDIA ADVISORY: New figures published by the Central Statistics Office find that 55.2% of people released from prison in 2014 reoffended within 3 years. Nearly 80% of those aged under 21 when they were committed to prison reoffended within three years of being released, and 75% of people imprisoned for public order offences reoffended within three years. Reoffending rates remain too high and this demands alternative.responses

IPRT Submission to the Department of Justice on the Draft Youth Justice Strategy 2020-2026

30th June 2020

Adopting an evidence-informed approach, IPRT outlines four key areas of youth justice that should be reinforced or inserted into the Draft Youth Justice Strategy.

IPRT welcomes Draft Youth Justice Strategy proposals to extend youth justice supports to young adults aged up to 24

4th May 2020

ADVISORY: Proposals to extend youth supports to young adults aged up to 24, place a positive duty on State agencies to work together, and a clear and consistent focus on reaching hard-to-reach groups are among a number of evidence-informed progressive elements included in the Draft Youth Justice Strategy.

The brain does not fully develop until age 25 – Scottish Sentencing Council.

26th February 2020

Judicial sentencing should take account of persuasive evidence that the adolescent brain continues to mature into adulthood and does not reach full maturity until approximately 25-30 years of age.

IPRT welcomes findings of Bail Supervision Scheme evaluation

20th December 2019

IPRT welcomes the publication of the Evaluation of the Bail Supervision Scheme for Children (pilot Scheme) by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs today (20th December 2019). The report demonstrates positive outcomes for children who participated and completed the Bail Supervision Scheme.

Round-up: Developing Youth Justice 2019

27th November 2019

The Irish Penal Reform Trust, in association with the Irish Criminal Bar Association, hosted a youth justice seminar on the 21st November 2019 in the Distillery Building, Church Street, Dublin 7.

Developing Youth Justice - 21st November

21st November 2019

The Irish Penal Reform Trust and the Irish Criminal Bar Association will host a youth justice event focused on 18-24 year olds on Thursday 21st Nov 2019 in the Distillery Building.

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