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Welcome to Friends of IPRT

Friends of IPRT is a growing network of people who believe in a better, more fair and more humane penal system in Ireland – one which contributes to less crime and safer communities for everyone. Friends of IPRT believe that real, meaningful change is both necessary and achievable.

By becoming a Friend of IPRT and making an annual contribution of €250 or more, you will be investing in the work that we do. You will be helping to secure the future of this unique and important organisation, and working with us to deliver necessary and progressive change across the Irish criminal justice system.

A constant challenge

IPRT has been a voice of reason, promoting effective and appropriate criminal justice policies since 1994. From challenging plans for the expansion of the prison estate, to advocating for prevention and early intervention strategies, promoting effective sentencing and appropriate re-integration services, IPRT’s informed voice speaks to the protection of human rights and to making ours a more fair, progressive and ultimately more effective criminal justice system.

Friends of IPRT understand that the campaign for adequate and effective penal reform is far from over. Reactive policies and short-sighted responses to crime continue to mar our criminal justice system. Legislative failure and foot-dragging mean that Ireland continues to detain people for the non-payment of fines; remains the only country in the EU without a spent convictions scheme; and one which still detains children in adult prison facilities.

With your support IPRT can continue to advocate for and inform progressive penal policies; conduct robust research on the most effective responses to criminal justice issues, and provide reasoned, expert and evidence-informed recommendations for the improvement of penal policies in Ireland.

Invest in IPRT – secure our future

IPRT already operates on an extremely lean model, and we know that most significant policy successes we have achieved to date have been directly correlated to the resources, skills and capacity available to us.

For this reason we are asking supporters such as you, people who understand the issues facing the Irish criminal justice system and who value the work that IPRT does, to become a Friend of IPRT. Your pledge of annual support of €250 or more per year over a 3 year period, will help to secure our core work, advocating for positive penal policy reform.

Friends of IPRT collectively represent a vital funding stream, which will drive IPRT’s work, allowing us to continue the research, policy and advocacy work which we do. 

A unified voice for reform

With your support IPRT can continue to address the most critical and important issues:

  • Reform of sentencing law and practice; promoting the increased use of diversion and alternatives to imprisonment
  • Investment in effective rehabilitation and re-integration; improving access to education and other supports which actively promote rehabilitation; removing barriers to reintegration for ex-prisoners
  • Protection of human rights in the prison system; securing effective accountability structures in law and practice; improving mental and physical health provision within prisons.

What you get in return

As a valuable contributor to the network you will receive:

  • Invitation to IPRT events including report launches, legal seminars and social events
  • A copy of our Annual Report
  • Our quarterly newsletter

Become a Friend of IPRT today

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If you would like more information on Friends of IPRT, please contact Lorraine Whitty, Membership and Governance Officer on 01-8741400 or

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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