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IPRT Submission to the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission Consultation on Strategy Statement 2019-2021

8th October 2018

In this submission, IPRT outlines the need for the extension of the current grounds for protection against discrimination and the addition of a ‘social origin’ and/or ‘socio-economic status’ ground.

IPRT Submission to UN Working Group on Women deprived of liberty

1st October 2018

IPRT made a submission to the UN Working Group on women deprived of liberty, focusing on women deprived of their liberty in the criminal justice system in Ireland.

IPRT Submission on 'A Vision for Change'

4th September 2018

This submission to Mental Health Reform, to pass on to the Oversight Group of ‘A Vision for Change’, focuses on recommendations to better support people with mental health difficulties in the criminal justice system.

Joint IPRT Submission to the Consultative Panel on Governance of Charitable Organisations

30th May 2018

IPRT made a submission in December 2017, along with eight other charities, expressing concern about section 55 of the Charities Act 2009.

IPRT Presentation to the Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care

23rd May 2018

In our appearance before the Committee, IPRT made a number of recommendations, including investment and use of prevention and early intervention supports.

Report on Penal Reform and Sentencing

10th May 2018

Many of the issues raised by IPRT during our hearing before the Committee are included in the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality report on Penal Reform and Sentencing.

IPRT Submission on Parole Bill 2016

10th April 2018

In February 2018, IPRT made a submission on the Parole Bill 2016, in conjunction with Dr Diarmuid Griffin

IPRT Submission to the Law Reform Commission on Suspended Sentences

6th April 2018

IPRT answers questions relating to suspended sentences posed by the Law Reform Commission in their call for submissions.

IPRT Submission to the Probation Service's Strategic Plan 2018-2020

16th February 2018

IPRT welcomes the opportunity to provide its views on the role and priorities of the Probation Service as part of the development of its Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

IPRT Submissions to the Law Reform Commission

9th February 2018

IPRT made two submissions to the Law Reform Commission for their Fifth Programme of Law Reform.

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